NBA Trades News 2020 Reveals More Than Just Trade Rumors

NBA Trades News 2020 is the first of a three-year program aimed at providing the most comprehensive and accurate data on NBA trades and trade rumors. In this first year, the team at NBA Trades News looked into the rumor mill and generated all the details about those trades, and compared them to real life.

Based on what the team found, it’s not that hard to foresee how quickly NBA Trade Rumors may evolve. We can look forward to ever-changing team-building strategies that will make it easy for the marketing departments to hide anything they don’t want anyone to see.

So how did they accomplish this research? Well, before the end of the summer, they published their findings in a report titled “Analysis of Basketball Trade Rumors and Fan Trading.” This year, the team wants to take it one step further by combining the two together.

First of all, they’ve teamed up with NBA Trades News and will be producing a new piece of work each season. The third edition of the feature will feature an updated assessment of what team will win the NBA Finals, or the NBA title.

Secondly, they’ve worked with multiple teams to determine the current standings and trends. Using this information, the analysts will be able to reveal the possible outcomes if certain teams decided to pull off a trade.

Because they’re using analytics to come up with their reports, there will be nothing that will seem manipulative about their findings. Instead, they’ll be able to use the information they gather in a fair and honest manner.

The last thing they’re doing is actually working with major cities across the United States. By doing this, the teams will be able to find out what other communities are really interested in, and what areas are the most popular.

Last year, the team came up with a comprehensive report that was used by the NBA to educate and generate interest in the league. This year, they’re working towards producing a report that will be used by the whole world to help fans get more involved in NBA trades.