NBA Trades News2019 – Latest Player Trade rumors and where they come from

NBA trades news is something that gets pretty much ignored by the sports writers. Most of them just try to predict who will go where in trades that get made, because they are scared off by the unknown. This is one thing that gets very interesting when you realize that the GMs in the NBA do all of the trades themselves.

nba trades news 2019

You see, they have teams and coaches working at their disposal. If they make the wrong move, it can cost them dearly and also make the teams that they are in lose their GM and coaching staff. It is very difficult to have a good team if you have a terrible GM and coach and the only course of action is to make drastic changes.

Another thing that is hard to do is to have a top-notch roster. The Eastern Conference is loaded with good teams right now. The Pistons, Cavs, Bulls, Pacers and Nets could make a deep run, but it appears as though the Pistons might be the only team to make it out of the first round. The Cavs, Bulls, Pacers and Nets all have flaws and injuries to key players that can be devastating.

You have to remember that there are bad teams and good teams in the NBA. The Pistons don’t really look like a good team right now. They have been known to shoot the three ball a lot and have problems when it comes to rebounding. I thought Brandon Roy might have had a good breakout year last year, but he has just been average. The Pistons will likely have to take someone on waivers and hope they get good value for him.

The Bulls have been in pretty good shape the last couple years, but you have to think about the fact that Bobby Knight isn’t there anymore. The Bucks are also a little bit thin, but have a nice center in Khris Robinson. Thabo Sefolosha is a nice young player. He can play some defense and block shots, but he doesn’t score much. He is more of a decent two guard.

Indiana fans should watch forward Indiana’s D.J. Ford. He has potential and has been playing very well lately. I wouldn’t worry about his being sent to the bench too often as he is a quality player. He will fit in OKC perfectly as they try to figure out how to get past the Blazers in the Western Conference.