NBA News and Trades: Latest Developments

The Golden State Warriors is one of the most exciting teams in the National Basketball League. During their run to the NBA Finals, they attracted a ton of attention from basketball fans across the United States and around the world. This historic group of players was the apparent front-runner to win the title in 2009, but they were up against a team from the L.A. Lakers, who also had a number of notable players as well. Naturally, with so much on the line for the Warriors, they decided to go with the trade rumor route.

nba news and trades

The process was an absolute disaster from start to finish. The Warriors went into the series with the highest payroll in the league, but instead of beating the Miami Heat into submission, as many people expected them too, they lost in six games. Afterward, a lot of players were upset and blamed the trades that had been made for their loss to the defending champion’s Miami Heat. This has led to all kinds of NBA News and Trade Rumors that have flooded the sports blogs, websites and message boards since the deal was made public.

One of the deals that didn’t get much attention before the series started was the trade that sent Zach Lowe from Cleveland to Golden State. Although Lowe is a decent coach, and he did lead the Cavs to a couple of playoff appearances, he just wasn’t fit in the championship team. The acquisition of Lowe cost the Warriors their first round pick in the first round. Some people believe the pick they now own was worth ten points less than what the Cavs paid him, which explains why they traded him away.

The second major deal of the day was the acquisition of Luc Richard LeVert from Toronto. LeVert is a young big man who can score, rebound, block shots, and play defense. The acquisition was made just hours before the trade deadline, yet many NBA fans are still trying to figure out if this was done legitimately. The deal looked like a salary dump by the time the trade deadline came and went, yet it seems that there were still enough good pieces in Toronto to make the move.

A lot of the late NBA News and trades involved players headed towards free agency, such as Chris Paul, CPG’s Paul Pierce, and waived rookie Jamel Artis-Payne. Players waived by the New York Knicks included Greco Commis and Rashard Lewis. Some NBA News and trades speculated that the league may be making an increased number of transactions to clear roster spots for the 2020 draft. Players like Deion Sanders and Kwame Brown could be headed to the Bucks, who are in desperate need of a guard.

One day after the Chris Paul deal, the buzz about Deion Sanders and Kwame Brown turned into reality with the trade for Deion Sanders. The Jazz were acquiring an athletic big man, while the Knicks needed help at the point guard position. The trade did not effect Kwame Brown’s trade value, but it does change the complexion of the NBA trade deadline. NBA News and trades have continued to make big news on deadline day, which should give you an idea of what will happen in the final two days of the regular season.